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Saturday, September 13, 2008

It Has Arrived!!

Alright Friends and Family, the long awaited new blog is here! Here is the link to make it easier Carter's TBA Blog and if you want to type it in the old fashion way here that is:

We'll get some things up soon, until then, just enjoy reading the new posts!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

School, Blogs and Indian Food

Alright, this will definitely be one of my last posts on this blog. John and I are setting up our new blog tonight and we both plan on using that together. I'm so excited to finally start a new one where John can make posts and where the background is not so crazy! 2 days after I got this one I hated it, but I really didn't want to have to save and remember what was on it again. haha! It is a pain though. We'll post a link to our new blog when it's up.
On another note, school has started and I am really looking forward to this year. I only have 20 students in my regular session and 16 in my all day and compared to last year, they are angels! I absolutely love them. Anything is better than the "biting-hitting-swearing-running-I'm going to put my head in the toilet and food on my face" child. Ah poor Sam....loved her....just hope I never have another. Especially after I had to go to the Instacare when she bit me!! Also I finally went to the Carter Family favorite Bombay House Friday with John, Sam, Diana and Michael. Despite what I thought (and how hungry I wasn't from the reception) I enjoyed the food. Even more surprising is that I liked it a lot better as leftovers. Yum!! Even though it did make me sickish both times, it tasted good.

Friday, August 29, 2008


So John and I were discussing my last post (mostly laughing about it) and thought maybe I should make a rebuttal.....but I don't quite think that is what it is. He thought I needed to clarify that mostly I was being funny about our family ward and that yes, ironically we very much loved the 9th Ward. It is most ironic for me to miss it, since I spent 6 years after high school hating it!! I never wanted to go when I came back home, even though I knew many people and the bishopric. I think that after several years of hating student wards and living in BYU wards, the 9th ward was a nice new refreshing scene.

Thanks for all your comments! I really enjoy reading them and then talking to John and then we laugh a lot. :) Expect our new blog to come soon. John really wants to help out in this action. :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Single vs Family Wards

We all know there is a difference between family and single wards, some quite obvious, but some not so.
#1-Quiet Sacraments Non Existent
-One baby cries.....they all cry
-An old person coughs, sneezes, etc...they all do
-Dads wave at their kids while passing the sacrament and here come the crying and the one
kid screaming "DADDY!!!" Although funny sometimes....very disruptive
-Sitting by friends is in the past....welcome to sitting by every kid or old person in the ward
#2-Young Couples and Newlyweds
-Scratching and Back rubs still happen....even if a child is sitting between them
-Gazing into each others eyes is never acceptable at's weird.
-Holding hands still good...hold hands over a pregnant belly.....not normal.
#3-Sunday School
-There seems to only be 2 classes offered in a family ward, no newlywed/marriage class
-The Chapel is the worse place to have Sunday you know how big it is?
-Walking around with a microphone for annoying! Smaller rooms please!
-Does the old teacher really have to stand that close to the mic? We're not all deaf, but we may well soon be after listening to the screeching of the mic and loud voice.
-No one really cares if your here or there, because you already made it to marriage
-You have someone else with you, so you don't worry about talking to people/bishoprics
-It takes awhile before they recognize you or know your name in a family ward....are you new to the ward? Why yes, 2 months ago! :)

Now in all seriousness, it is different, but I imagine once we are more settled, we'll really like it here. We are just in 9th Ward withdrawals. When you leave your friends behind, it's not that easy to make new couple friends in a very odd ward mixed up of old people and young couples with at least 1 kid. :)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Aliens and Sofa Beds

In real life, I'm pretty witty and funny. I wonder what happens when my brain turns it over to writing. Maybe it was over taken by aliens and now I need Scully and Mulder to investigate. Probably not, but I did see the new X-Files movie this weekend with John and Wyatt. Word of advice: If you never watched the show and don't won't love it. If you watched the series like John and his'll like it more. It was crazy.
Park City was a fun weekend, although very, very tiring. John and I went shopping for a whole day and spent some time with our friend Wyatt. It was fun. On a funnier note, John doesn't sleep so well at night so we decided that we'd pull out the sofa bed. It looked a little funny, some wires were out of place and it was ripped up. Oh well, put some sheets on, some pillows and I laid down. John thought he should sleep on it, so he tried to push me off by jumping on the bed....only to fall through the bottom of the bed. I couldn't stop laughing......guess the wires and torn material really were important.
Lesson to be learned: Don't jump on the bed!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wedding Bliss

Ok, so I haven't written in awhile and I haven't posted any pictures, but today is finally that day. All of my pictures are on Picasa, so I'm just going to embed a slide show of them all. John and I will be starting a new blog soon, so be looking for a change in that. I'd rather start fresh, then try and change all of this stuff and remember it. Anyway, we're having fun and marriage is great. There is still so much we have going on and stuff to do, so that makes it busy (plus school and work) so that make it busier.

After spending all our Target, BB&B Gift Cards, Cash and Checks, we successfully have almost everything we need for our house. It's actually starting to be a little bit put together and I know I'll be glad when it will John. All we have to do now is get our fridge fixed and we're good to go. We've spent lots of time assembling furniture and we're only down to a few more things! YAY!! So, with that, I'm off to put together a barstool and finish my homework.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Being married is the best thing ever, so far. :) I'm pretty sure it will be awesome and it has already been the best time ever! The wedding day was great and I'm just glad it's over. After all the preparing and getting things done it turned out great. There were only a couple of minor incidents and they were so funny that it made the day better. John and I spent a few days in Midway and it's beautiful up there. We went to Cascade Springs and took some pictures, had some lunch and just enjoyed being together.I love being able to come home with John and stay home. That is definitely my favorite part. John doesn't have to go home every night. The next best thing after opening all our gifts with family was talking about how we get to use them! We get to start setting up our condo and it gets to be ours!! I love it and John is just as excited as I am to get it all organized! YAY!! Married life is great and I couldn't imagine spending it with anyone else besides John.